Pet Mayor of Otsego Contest

We are pleased to invite you to nominate your pet to the Pet Mayor of Otsego election.The Pet Mayoral election is a fundraiser for Otsego Main Street and a way to honor Otsego as a pet friendly community. There is an application, which needs to be filled out ahead of time. Each entrant is required to pay a $10.00 entrance fee for participating in this event. An election big board will be erected in downtown Otsego and the applications are laminated and hung on the board. Each candidate will have their picture and entry information posted on the election information board.  The election information board will also provide the candidates standings monthly.  Each dollar contributed in the name of a candidate will equal one vote for that candidate. You can vote as much as you like so, vote early and vote often. Voting will open on May 29th and will conclude on September 23rd. The winner will be announced at the Creative Arts Festival.

The candidate with the most votes will be elected Mayor of Otsego and the runner ups with be the council (depending on number of entries; 10 maximum)

The new mayor and elected council will be invited to walk in the parade at the creative arts festival in September.

Each contestant will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and include a picture of their pet during registration. During the election season various news stories will be posted on our Facebook page on each of the candidates. We will promote each pet, but it is also encouraged that the contestants promote their candidate in various creative ways (i.e. yard signs, costumes, etc..). 

Throughout the year, the candidates will be asked to make appearances at various Main Street events and part of their campaign. 

Mayor of Otsego Entry Form (DUE BY MONDAY, MAY 15th)


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