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/Are you thinking about starting your own business? Otsego Main Street can help. We offer many services, like helping you find the perfect spot, grants to help with the cost of opening your doors, partnerships with small business development groups, and marketing tools to promote your business. Check out our available properties or give us a call at 269-692-2336.


Get Involved

Otsego Main Street is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in your community. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. You can try us out by volunteering at one of our many events or by helping us clean up downtown each spring. If you are looking for a bigger commitment then you are welcome to sit in on a meeting of one of our four committees. It’s simple to get singed up, you can fill out one of our volunteer forms or contact us directly at 269-303-3516.

Otsego Main Street Accreditation 2016

Recently Otsego Main Street underwent our end of the year evaluation from Main Street America. This is an opportunity to look back on all the hard work we’ve done over the past year. There are certain requirements our program must meet in order to remain an accredited Main Street organization. We are happy to announce that for the 2nd straight year we have met and exceeded those requirements and remain a nationally accredited Main Street program. We would like to thank our volunteers for helping us achieve this great honor. Without you guys none of this is possible!

Otsego Main Street is here to facilitate the continued

growth and revitalization of Otsego’s vibrant downtown district

through economic development & community empowerment.

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